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Lycksele Djurpark

Lycksele djurpark is the northernmost zoo in Sweden and it specializes in the Nordic fauna.

Lycksele djurpark was founded by Holger Lithner in 1959. It started with a small animal collection at Gammplatsen. In 1966 the zoo moved to Brännberget where it has developed and with time become the largest tourist resort in northern Sweden.

Lycksele djurpark has big opportunities for you to do something different as a kick-off incentive, for representation or parties for staff or family. Everything from groups of 10 to 7 000 persons. Many of the events work perfectly even when the zoo is open to the public. You can also book the zoo to have an evening for yourself. 

Why not arrange your conference in an exotic environment. Close to the bears, we have a conference room for about 12 people.

We arrange everything for you - coffee, food and guided tours among our Nordic animals.

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